Be a New Generation Business Man

if you are looking for a business opportunity , which would give you Stability, Growth, Fame & Goodwill , and a business design wherein a huge workforce is deployed to generate business then our Logistical Operator is the only option you would able to take .


if you have  1000 Sq,ft space to stock the products, a computer with printer, internet facility, 5 to 6 two wheelers to deliver then you are our Logistical operator. You would need to deposit an interest free deposit of Rs.1,00,000/- 

Business Design

Each Logistical Operator, would have a maximum of 2500 shops under him to deliver.  A logistical operator would be the operator for all the products getting launched now, and those which would be launched in the future also.

A logistical operator, is limited to the profile of holding stock. receiving the retailer orders, Deliver them and receive the payment. Then why waiting ....

Become a Logistical Operator


In Normal or traditional distribution, the company would sell their products to the distributor and let them find their own markets to dilute the produces procured. Here in our model the business is divided into sales & delivery from a single point to multiple points. 

A Logistical operator need not worry about selling the product ,he can concentrate in the area of distribution with a free mind .


  • 1000 sqft Godown Space

  • Computer with Printer connected to a internet

  • 5 two wheelers for delivery

  • A fire to win 

How to Join Hands...

To confirm a area of operation you need to book with Rs.25,000/- as advance  and 15 days before the date of launching a logistical operator should pay the balance Rs.75,000/- 

The Logistical operator has to invest Rs.2,50,000/- as stock .

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