Logistic Operator

As a Logistical operator , you would be exclusively support the company in the delivery of the stocks to the retailers, invoice them, collect payment to the precise territory geo mapped to you.


You would handle 50 Micro distributors business , or 5000 retailers in a specified territory in ROTN, and in Chennai you would handle 2500 retailers or 25 Distributors. You would be sole responsible for the delivery of the stocks, invoices and collection. 


Our Business design give a very lucrative and . vast business volumes. Our each Micro distributors would be handling 100 retailers each precisely in their territory, and due to no stock no delivery policy to them their input would be more precise in terms of the in-shop merchandising, such as rack placement, display of products, the use of danglers, etc.


Micro distributors would be the person who would refer a sale of the retailers to the logistic operator, and the operator role is ensuring timely deliveries, holding ample stock for the requirement of the distributors, collection of payment. 


Engage manpower for the supplies and mode of transportation required. You would find your own means of transportation to deliver products to the retailers.


So the financial healthiness of the Logistical operator is very mandatory. 


To be a Logistical operator you need 1000 sq.ft of space, 5 two wheelers for delivery , a computer with printer. Rs.2,00,000/- refundable deposit and stock on cash and carry.