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Whimsical Healthy Habits, is an Indian Iconic Brand  in the ready to drink juice segment,  the juice is a blend of Aloe vera combined with Apple & Amla to give more taste and to enrich vitamin C & to add irons. A product without white sugar , and no chemical color. Packed exclusively in 4 different  packs for consumer to choose and decide which suits them,

Available in 5 different flavors such as Litchi, Orange, Muskmelon, Green Apple & Ginger Honey. 

Whimsical gives an ease to our Logistical Operator ( Super Stockist ) a ease in the trade.  A LO ( Logistical Operator ) would need 1000 SFT godown space with 5 -6 delivery persons with vehicles  to stock the juices and to deliver on demand immediately.  A  LO would be taking the stock in Cash & Carry mode from the company, and would hold a returnable deposit of Rs.2,00,000/- ( Rupees Two Lakhs Only ) with the company.

Whimsical operates the sales from the stock held by the LO to the retailers directly through our Retail Officers ( RO) . 

A LO should be financially strong & would be capable of extending themselves to the market needs and ready to be expand. 

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