Micro Investment .

Micro Investment in an opportunity to any one who have a drive to be a interstor in a business of Agriculture and like to enjoy a long term returns. The Growers provide an individual above the age of 18 or organizations to invest in a micro investment plan and get best returns on their investment. As the name goes its Micro investment which is capable of paying back maximum returns.

Each Micro investor would invest on the productivity circle of 50 plants , and he/she or the organization would be shared on the profit of the profit made on the cultivation of these 50 plants. The profit would be shared in equal instalments of Rs.25/- per week for 144 weeks  including the investment made and would be repaid. The total amount of returns an investors on a unit would make is Rs.3600/- in total with a period of 144 weeks. 

The Micro amount an investor would would invest in a unit is Rs.1100/- for which the returns would be Rs.3600/-. The returns on the payment would start coming back to the investor after 15 days from date date of  Investment on a weekly basis. These returns are fixed and non convertible . This returns The Growers pays from a business income accumulated through the  sale of Aloe vera pulp got through the harvest. 

Each Micro investor is investing in a noble cause of developing the Farmers but also get paid attractively. The micro investment of an investors would enable the farmers in cultivating the produce in more sophisticated and implement the best techniques to achieve maximum harvest.

Other Opportunities for The  Micro Investor 

Apart from the weekly pack back of the investment along with the profit from the harvest , a micro investor also gets an opportunity to indulge themselves as an Affiliate of The Growers and get benefited. As an Affiliate a micro investor has various business plans to earn and to secure and to grow.


You have plenty of packages to decide upon to invest with The Growers. Refer to the Plan brochure for informations & clarity