Micro Plantation is a new concept, in the area of aloe vera cultivation. This is a noble idea of integrating farmers across cross the society to produce aloe vera. This integrated cultivators form a cluster , by which the entire integrated farmers get the benefit of togetherness. 

Each farmers would be provided advances by The Growers for cultivation of the crop and would be procured at the market rates. The Growers will provide all the technical support on regular intervals to the planters for them to produce. 

Micro Plantation enables the company to scale the productivity as and when the demand needs, and also enable to cross produce quality and quantity. 

Each farmer would be trained by The Growers through regular classrooms at various location, in how they can indulge themselves naturally and multiply their yield. Each farmers are also supported by The Growers for implementing the best practices in cultivation both technically as well as financially. 

The Growers implement multiple grouping in cultivation so as to enable a farmer to be self sufficient in their needs, and be more cost effective farming methodologies. For us each farmers associated with us are none other than the member of our Family- The Growers and we take special care on each of them.