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“Our mission at The Growers as an industry leader is to provide the highest quality Aloe vera raw materials for Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries around the world by continuously improving our operations and quality systems, conducting scientific research, maintaining clean efficient operations and providing excellent customer service that exceeds expectations and to integrate a micro plan in all areas of business and to increase maximum benefit to mankind ”


  • Cooperation and Harmony

  • Advancement and Development

  • Precision and Cleanliness

       The Growers . has invested substantial funds in order to execute its business plan to become the world leader in the production of             high quality Aloe Vera Raw Materials used in Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical markets. Achieving this goal requires entire                       corporate dedication to product integrity, integrated systems, personal initiative and dedication to quality. Our objectives are to:


  • Provide our customers with the highest quality and reliability of products manufactured in compliance with The Growers procedures and the appropriate State and National regulations.

  • Provide high quality, high value products with reliable delivery and service to our customers. Maintain accurate and timely communications with our customers and suppliers to improve the quality of our products and assure a reliable, dependable source.

  • Provide a system of employee involvement providing innovation, motivation, training and teamwork to ensure quality. Employ quality standards and information to increase productivity, reliability and reduce product costs.

The quality management system at The Growers. is designed to ensure that The Growers. achieves these objectives and produces products of consistent high quality that meet regulatory, industrial and Company standards. All employees have a responsibility to execute the policies and procedures of the quality system in order to ensure the integrity and success of the Company. Our business is committed to continuous improvement in all our activities in “Bringing the Best of Nature to Mankind”.

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