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If you are a Retailer ,and own a Supermarket, Hyper Market, Provision Store, Petty Shop, Tea Shop, Bakery, Restaurant ,Juice shops or any other related business register yourself with us and be our retailer.

You would be offered Rs.10,000/- by the company as a token of appreciation for your registration, in kind. You can claim products worth Rs.10,000/- from us within 6 months from the time of your billing .

This offer is to only to the retailers who register with us in the HH RETAIL APPLICATION, and for those orders placed from the applications directly. No claim as cash is allowed, only they can redeem on their purchase.

This offer is on all the products of Whimsical Society. To be eligible to this offer a retailer should purchase products worth Rs.1500/- in their First Bill. In this offer the retailers would be provided products worth 10% of their billed value on and above the purchase made per bill. The total number of products to be purchased to claim this offer is Rs.50,000/- in six months.   

Registration of Retailer

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