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Retail Operators

A Retail Operators , is a businessman with perfection. The precession in which the business design has been formatted would enable an individual to be an entrepreneur of world class.


Many business fail, because of non concentrative work or no vision. The companies use their distributors as a stock investing mechanism , and dump their produce even without analysing their potential. In a traditional distribution scenario the companies handle a sale made to the distributor as a final sale, and in normal course they build their targets keeping the distributors in mind, rather than the actual consumption of a consumer. This lay a platform for the failure .


A Retail Operator - business design has been formatted to break away the flaws in the traditional business format. 


Here a Retail Operator plays a role of a consultant or a counsellor to the retailers, the company believes when you give your input properly the output also would proper. This philosophy of our have given the strength to launch our products through a Micro Distributors.


A Retail Operator handles only 100 geo mapped retailers consisting of Super Markets, Mini Super Markets, Big Medium Small Provision stores, Petty shops and Medical Shops in their respective territory. The business of the Micro Distributor is to provide immediate support to the retailers in their geo mapped territory in In-shop merchandise, Brand Visibility, Relationship branding, and most importantly a brand awareness to the consumers of their locality.


There is absolutely no need in investing on stock , fleets  instead invest on systems and a new approach in distribution - In short begin a new era in distribution .

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